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I began writing this blog as a way to record my progress renovating an old Dolls House Emporium Classical dolls house which I built from a kit in the 1980's. It has now evolved into a blog about my ever increasing collection of dolls houses and the items I buy and make to put in them.

Hope you enjoy it.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Back to Waterside Way

In June last year I posted about selling my part built DHE Waterside Way as I didn't really have room for it, well it didn't sell so I just put it upstairs in a bedroom and left it as I didn't know what else to do. My daughter has a large collection of Sylvanian Families so over Christmas I decided to let her use Waterside Way for them.  I have taken it back downstairs and will finish building it then she can decorate it how she wants.  When she is fed up of it then I will have it back, maybe by then I will have an idea of what to do with the inside.  This is what it looks like at the moment.  I have stained the windows and doors with an oak varnish but they are not glued in yet.
For anyone who hasn't seen this house before this is the finished DHE version.
 I took all the pieces still to be used out of the box and remembered why I had given up on it last time as there are just so many small bits.

Today I varnished all the architraves and the balcony sides.

This weekend I am going to try and put together the spiral staircase and varnish the rest of the balcony parts.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Real Life Furniture Revamp

It's been a wee while since my last post as December is always a very busy month for me as it's my daughters birthday on the 9th and various other family members and friends also have birthdays, then there is Christmas to organise for too.  Myself, my husband, son and daughter were all also ill with a flu type virus at different times during December so I didn't have any time for mini-ing.  I did however manage to finish a larger project which I started in September :).

I had ordered a brand new set of white painted bedroom furniture from a local store in February but when it still hadn't arrived in August I decided to cancel the order and try painting my old pine furniture instead.  I bought some Annie Sloan chalk paint in old white, chalk paint is great as you do not need to sand the furniture first.  I did sand the top of the dressing table though as there were quite a lot of scratches on it which I didn't want showing through.  The furniture needed a couple of coats of paint to cover the orange pine but the paint dries fast so you can do two coats in one day.  I left the paint to dry overnight then waxed the furniture with Annie Sloan clear wax and used dark wax to bring out the detail and give a shabby chic look.  I also bought some nice new girly fabric to cover the seat of the stool.  Here are the before and after photos:  

Dressing table, stool and mirror before.

  Close up of mirror & stool with new fabric after.

The complete finished dressing table set.