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I began writing this blog as a way to record my progress renovating an old Dolls House Emporium Classical dolls house which I built from a kit in the 1980's. It has now evolved into a blog about my ever increasing collection of dolls houses and the items I buy and make to put in them.

Hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

It's Been A While

Sorry that it has been so long between posts but real life has taken over a bit at the moment.  I tend to do most of my mini-ing during the winter months but still look for items and inspiration while out and about enjoying the finer weather.

We have just returned from our family holiday and this year we decided to stay in the UK, so glad we did as the weather was fantastic for a change :).  One thing dolls house related which I managed to do was visit Fairfax House, a fully restored Georgian house in York.  This house is seemingly the inspiration for the Dolls House Emporium Montgomery Hall and what a gorgeous house it is, well worth a visit if you are ever in York.

Plans for my dolls houses have changed again though.  I am now considering making Montgomery Hall into a modern home with a roof garden.  I want a larger living room though so will be taking out one of the partitions on the ground floor.  Don't think I will bother with the basement now as it has such a large footprint (98cm x 70cm) and just takes up far too much space.  If I do make this house modern in style then I will turn my Classical into a Georgian house instead.
Interior of Montgomery Hall with Basement.
Partition I plan to remove.

 One thing I have managed to do though is finally get my new hobby room decorated, here are some before and after photos. 

Concrete floor also painted.

Moved in a few of my houses.
Now all I need is some strong shelving to hold all my dolls houses and a work table :).