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I began writing this blog as a way to record my progress renovating an old Dolls House Emporium Classical dolls house which I built from a kit in the 1980's. It has now evolved into a blog about my ever increasing collection of dolls houses and the items I buy and make to put in them.

Hope you enjoy it.

Friday, 5 September 2014

New Facebook Page

I have been finding it difficult keeping my blog up to date as I have been so busy recently so I have made a Facebook page instead.  Here is the link:

It is a private group but please request to join.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Exciting News

This weekend I bought the biggest job lot of dolls house items ever.

Will be selling most of it on Ebay but it will take a while to get everything listed as there are 10 boxes to get through.  I have already made a start and hope to list new items every day.

Here is the link to my Ebay shop: dianesdollshouses

Saturday, 23 August 2014

All my 1/12th Scale Houses Now in Shed

That's all my 1/12th scale dolls houses now moved into the new shed.

The lit ones look lovely in the dark.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Window Acetates and Lit Fires in The Priory

Have glued acetates into the windows of The Priory to give it a more realistic look and also to keep the dust out.

Also added a couple of lit fires, one in the dining room and one in the sitting room.  They took ages to do though as the wires were very short and I had to contort myself into a position to reach the back of the house to fit the plugs on, then I couldn't get the pins back into the plugs.  I was getting really annoyed, at least if the wires had been longer I wouldn't have had to try fitting the plugs on in such an awkward position.  They do look good working though so was worth the effort.
Dining Room Fire
Dining Room
Sitting Room Fire
Sitting room

Friday, 1 August 2014

Vintage GeeBee Dolls House

Since I now have more space I bought another vintage dolls house off Ebay.  This time it is a GeeBee Tudor Lodge made in England in the 1960's.  When it arrived it was in a worse state than it had looked online.  The outside papers had water marks, the joints were all loose and it looked like someone had been throwing darts at it.  At least it had all the original windows, shutters, canopies & door though as these are the most expensive parts to buy.

Close up of dart holes in the roof.

Interior is in good condition with no old wallpaper to strip off.
I realised quite quickly that I couldn't live with it how it was so decided to try and sympathetically renovate it.  I took off the front doors, removed all the windows etc, stripped off the outside papers and fixed the joints.  

I then repainted the front with Barbaras Mouldings textured dolls house paint, added new brick effect papers then painted on my own climbing plant design.
Close up of the textured paint.
I also tried painting out the dart holes but they are still quite obvious so I might have to resort to covering the roof with paper.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

My New Shed

I have lots to catch up on but the biggest development is that I now have sole use of The Shed.  

It is a huge shed measuring 5m x 3m and is fully insulated and lined with lighting and four double electric sockets.  My husband was going to do a train set layout in it and spent a whole year working on it.  He did have trains running all the way round but got bored when it got to the adding scenery stage.  In June he took up all the train track and moved the base boards down so they are now at a more suitable height for dolls houses.

I have already moved some of my 1/12th scale dolls houses in and still have loads of space.

I will still be using the Hobby Room to work in and will probably keep my vintage houses in there but all the 1/12th scale houses will eventually go in The Shed.

Lots more to catch up on but I will leave that for another day. 


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Vintage Oak Leaf Dolls House

Here is my newest purchase, a 1981 Toy Works Oakleaf Dolls House.
Came in its original box

Open fronted and in great condition.

Front View

Side View

Back View
Decided to go for this house as it is from the same maker as my 1/24th scale childhood dolls house.
My childhood 'Toy Works' dolls house

So far I have just furnished it with some spare Lundby, Barton and Dol-Toi furniture.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Vintage Dolls House Furniture

I've been collecting some more vintage furniture for my Lundby and Triang houses.  

Didn't have any rugs in my Lundby so bought these plus a couple of pictures from an Ebay seller.

Have been looking for a burgundy coloured bathroom suite as that was what we had in our real life house but this is the closest colour I could find.

Here it is in the house.

Spotted this complete set of Dol-Toi bedroom furniture on KT Miniatures website which actually includes a double bed and just had to buy it.  This is the only Dol-Toi double bed I have see so far, I think the dolls house furniture makers of the 50's and 60's didn't like mum and dad to sleep in the same bed, lol.
Also bought a rocking chair which matches the above set, a kitchen dresser with blue worktop and a very cute blue high chair and childs desk.


Saturday, 24 May 2014

Bargain Miniature Toy Ships

I won both these gorgeous miniature ships on Ebay, The Mayflower is on the left and The Victory is on the right.   

They only cost £4 each plus P&P which I think is a bargain for such intricate work.

Here is a photo of The Victory in the boys room of The Priory.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Two New Julie Bennett Properties

Bought these two Julie Bennett properties from my friend Paula this week.

The little pink shop is now my icecream and sweet shop called 'Cones & Candy'.   

There isn't much space inside so I had to make the pink shelf unit from scratch to fit.   

 The other property has been done as a witches house called 'Cauldron Cottage'.  Paula made the kitchen and as it fits perfectly she left it in the house for me.  This will be my first fantasy themed project and should be a lot of fun to do.