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I began writing this blog as a way to record my progress renovating an old Dolls House Emporium Classical dolls house which I built from a kit in the 1980's. It has now evolved into a blog about my ever increasing collection of dolls houses and the items I buy and make to put in them.

Hope you enjoy it.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Vintage 1970's Lundby Dolls House

Been having a play around with my 1970's Lundby dolls house.  Moved the bathroom and utility room around so the bathroom is now in the smallest room.  This means I can now fit more items into the utility room including the Barton sink unit I got recently in a job lot.  
I changed the three piece suite for the orange one I got in the same job lot as it is far trendier than the brown flowery one.  The yellow telephone is new and I swapped the white piano for an electric organ as I actually learnt to play one of these as a kid.  I also changed the kitchen and living room curtains around. 

Here is the whole house so far.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

My New House - a Triang CEX

Was browsing round Aberdeen Antique Centre yesterday with my mum when I spotted this dolls house on the floor.  It looked in pretty good condition and the outside decoration seemed original but I couldn't find any identification sticker on it.  I took a photo of it on my phone and when I got home did a bit of research online.  Finally identified it as a Tri-ang CEX dated around 1960 so decided to go back first thing this morning to buy it.

It came with some vintage plastic 1/16th scale furniture, the bathroom and kitchen sink unit were actually part of this house when it was new but I'm not sure about the other pieces.  They are not to my taste but I will keep them in a box as they are original to this house.  The round bits on the back walls upstairs are the original lights.

It still has most of the original windows and doors but I will need to find one window and an internal door for the upstairs.

The decals on the outside are in great condition, quite often they have been painted over.  It has an up and over garage door and still has the original front door with letter box and knocker.

 The original roof and porch have been recovered with a tile effect paper so I might try removing it in the future.  There is also a little damage to the roof edge but that should be easy enough to repair with a little wood glue.

The back still has the wiring for the original lights in the upstairs but the Tri-ang sticker is missing which is a shame.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Vintage Dolls House Furniture

Been buying some job lots of vintage 1/16th scale dolls house furniture to start furnishing my Triang 50.  As the house was made in the early 1950's I have decided to furnish it in the 50's style.  Here is a photo of all the items I have bought recently, the pieces are a mixture of Dol-Toi, Barton and Lundby.  The Lundby range are mainly styled for the 1970's so I can't use them but most of the other items would be suitable in a 1950's house.
Here is the Dol-Toi family who will live in the house, they are in fantastic condition and so cute.

The family move in.

House partly furnished with Barton and Dol-Toi pieces.
 Parents Bedroom
 Kids Bedroom.
Living room
Now I need to decide on wallpaper and flooring.

Friday, 14 March 2014

New Hobby Room Layout and Miniature Art

Have finally worked out the layout of the dolls houses in my hobby room and as long as I don't buy anymore it will stay like this now.  The first photo shows my 1970's Lundby Gothenburg then my 1950's Triang 50 and on the other wall is Waterside Way, Magpies and Jenny Wrens.  The second photo is of Montgomery Hall and The Priory.  I really like this layout as the houses all have their own space so don't look cluttered.  My Classical and Lottie's Tea Room are still upstairs in a bedroom and I have to sell the two Julie Bennett houses but I am OK with that.    

Bought some miniature art recently from Ebay sellers.  The first one is an original miniature painting by petite-art.  The two Marie Antoinette silver framed prints are by tini creations.  The shabby chic Marie Antoinette pictures were ooak and are no longer available.  The framed prints in the bottom pic are from thedollshousestoreltd and the two miniature Monet prints are from dollshousesupplies.    

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