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I began writing this blog as a way to record my progress renovating an old Dolls House Emporium Classical dolls house which I built from a kit in the 1980's. It has now evolved into a blog about my ever increasing collection of dolls houses and the items I buy and make to put in them.

Hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I've Given up on Montgomery Hall

Well folks I've decided to give up on trying to finish the part built DHE Montgomery Hall I bought last year.  After building Waterside Way, Magpies and Jenny Wren's then buying The Priory which I have been doing up I just have no interest in starting another big kit house.  Only the shell had actually been built so today I bashed it apart and here it is now in all its many pieces. 
Going to keep all the smaller parts like the doors and windows as I might be able to use them in future projects but all the mdf pieces are going to the recycling centre.   

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Some New Furniture and Accessories

Here are my recent purchases.  

These are vintage 1/16th scale Dol-Toi items and will be going in my Triang 50. 

This was a 1/12th scale job lot on Ebay, I only really wanted the rocking horse but I had to purchase the whole lot.  There are some really nice items though so I will be keeping most of it.  The rocking horse is going in the nursery of The Priory.

These items were purchased at the Edinburgh Dolls House Fair this weekend.  The board with the grooves is for making miniature pleated curtains.  I haven't tried that before so have no idea how to actually use it.  The blue rug, ceramic hot water bottle and writing set are going in Lottie's Tea Room.  The zebra rug will be going in one of the apartments in Waterside Way and all the other items are for The Priory

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sylvanian Families

My 12 year old daughter has decided she is too old for her Sylvanian Family collection now.  We have already sold some of the items including the house 'Oakwood Manor' as she just didn't have room for it in her bedroom.  This is what we will be keeping for any future grandchildren to play with.
The collection includes 88 characters.
Primrose Windmill & Nursery

The Toymaker & Toy Shop

Water Mill Bakery

The Stable & Pony, Captain Seadog, The Beekeeper, Icecream Sellers & Shopper on Bycicle.
I have also kept all the furniture and accessories as I am thinking about putting them in my new vintage Triang Cex house.  The Sylvanian Families will just have to take turns living in it.

Friday, 4 April 2014

More Furniture Revamps

I needed a bed for the boy in the family and the only room I could fit it in was the Nursery.  I had a small bed but it was a medium brown wood and didn't match with the furniture already there.  As the master bedroom was mahogany I decided to go with white in the Nursery.  I painted the bed, a cheap mahogany cradle, a mahogany rocking chair and a small blue childs wardrobe with Annie Sloan Old White chalk paint so they matched.  I already had a white chest of drawers with mirror which I also added.  I found the nanny on Ebay so all I need now are a few boys toys lying around the floor.

   I also recovered the boy and girls beds.  I used a vintage hankie for the boys bed sheet and pillow and a vintage linen napkin with a light green edge for the girls sheets and pillows.  The miniature stripy and rosebud fabrics I had bought some time ago from an online seller.
Recovering the beds was very easy to do as I just removed the old covers and glued the fabrics onto the card on the underside of the foam mattresses, the only sewing needed was on the pillows.
Here they are in the girls bedroom.

I also repainted this set of chairs with gold acrylic paint as I didn't like the pink colour.  I just carefully painted round the fabric as I didn't want to try removing it.

Here they are in the sitting room.